Let’s Do This Together: Movie Couples

    I know of a lot of pretty important movie couples.  Not really just “celebrity” couples, but man and wife pairings who are important in the history of movies.  Usually these couples are comprised of the classic “director & leading lady” pairing.  Sometimes it’s a producer.  Here’s a list of some pretty awesome movie couples I can think of (to be old-fashioned, I’ve just included actual married couples):

Irving Thalberg and Norma Shearer:  A true Hollywood power couple!  Thalberg, head of production at the super-studio of Hollywood’s golden age, MGM, was considered a young genius of impeccable taste.  His wife Norma was a very popular actress.  In 1930 she won the Best Actress Oscar for the juicy drama The Divorcee.  She was a bit cross-eyed and not as beautiful as some of the other actresses, but she had talent.  Her detractors would say she got the best parts because her husband was the 2nd most powerful man at the studio (after “King of Hollywood” Louis B. Mayer).  Cynics!  


Giulietta Masina and Federico Fellini:  My favorite ever!  This husband and wife team combined their talents to make many fantastic movies, including two of the greatest movies of all time:  La Strada (1954) and Nights of Cabiria (1957).  Probably the most beloved and critically lauded movie couple of all time.  


John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands:  Hollywood’s cutting edge!  If you’re in need of a deeply emotional roller coaster ride, any of the movies these two made together will work.  Faces, Opening Night, and especially A Woman Under the Influence are as full of feeling as any movies ever made.  Cassavetes and Rowlands were married for 35 years until John died in 1989.  I think they’re the coolest of all the movie couples. 


-Jean-Luc Godard and Anna Karina:  The New Wave couple!  99% of men who become movie directors are doing so in the hopes of marrying somebody exactly like Anna Karina.  She’s as adorable and French as he is annoyingly intellectual and political and French.  Never mind that she was actually born in Denmark and he’s kinda Swiss.  They’re French I think.




Jean-Luc Godard and Anne Wiazemsky: I just found out about this couple the other day, and I was shocked, I even felt betrayed that I had no idea about this.  It’s unbelievable that something like this could escape my attention.  You see, Anne Wiazemsky plays Marie in Au Hasard Balthazar.  The Robert Bresson movie!  I LOVE ROBERT BRESSON MOVIES.  Anne Wiazemsky is a Bresson girl!  I can’t explain how much this stunned me.  How could I not know that Anne Wiazemsky was married to Jean-Luc Godard?  This shook me to my movie couple-loving core.  I think probably it’s because I love Robert Bresson movies so deeply and really believe them.  I can’t imagine that the characters aren’t real, and I REALLY can’t believe that one of his movie stars ended up marrying Godard.  French cinema surprise couple of the century!


This isn’t a picture of Anne Wiazemsky and Godard, but it is Anne and an ass, which is close enough.  P.S. just affectionate ribbing of JLG; I love him!


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